Monday, June 16, 2014

How To Play H.264 Files

Video files to H.264 format usually obtained from the CCTV DVR devices, sometimes quite troublesome when asked to resume the CCTV recordings stored on the DVR hard drive.
Here I will write instructions using VLC Player.

Here are the simple steps it ..:

1. Ensure that your computer is installed VLC player, if not, please download here.
2. Upon download, and install as usual. until the install is complete.
3. Application Open VLC Media Player
4. Earn Equipment / Tools

5. Click Preferences

  • 1. Switch to display "All" 
  • 2. Click "demuxer" 
  • 3. Choose "h264 demuxer" to scroll down. 
  • 4. Click Save.

6. When you have to follow a sequence of steps in the image point 5. Then VLC you can now be used to play video footage from your DVR (H.264 files).

So first of me .. if there are not clear .. please ask in the comments.

Hopefully Helpful.

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